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Send Me Your Levi's!

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Have a pair of Levi's that you want made into shorts? Send them my way! Once you receive you receive your confirmation email please send me any inspo pics you have for the shorts. Please note this is for shorts only. Check back in the fall for a listing on adult jeans!


All jeans sent must be Levi's and made of 100% cotton as those are ones I know will work well! Any other brands will be sent back. If you have a very specific length in mind make sure to mark it with a felt pen. You can also leave a more generic note requesting shorter or longer shorts. Please keep in mind that I am not actually able to measure length on you so, depending on your body type, they may appear shorter or longer on you.

Once I receive your order I will email you with my shipping address. Current turnaround time, once jeans have been received, is 2-3 weeks.